Just between you and me…he’s done a whole lot of things… but he particularly enjoys anything connected with the performing arts, such as Regional Theatre, Musical Theatre, Community Theatre, Old fashion Radio Drama (you remember, the kind where there’s no screen), voice-overs for both network & cable television, radio commercials, on-camera commercials, and lastly politics … as strange as it may seem to the layman, skills in the performing arts are somewhat of a prerequisite for the astute politician!

It’s called the art of communication…this is sorta what he learned during his undergraduate program at the Ohio State University. This was followed by some graduate work at the University of California, Los Angeles. He majored in Speech/Theatre Arts, and Communications while receiving a degree in education...yes, he is also a qualified teacher!

Example Voice-overs:
   Apple Computers

I must confess that Mr. McCaman has not only trod the "boards", but has directed both legitimate theatre and regional musical theatre. His specialty, however, is the work he happens to enjoy the most…voice-overs for TV & Radio (such as Toyota, McDonald’s & Chief Auto Parts), Educationals (college & university promotional CD’s and course training material), Industrials (corporate public relations, training etc), PSA’s and the usual warm fuzzy stuff.

I would invite you to "mouse up" and listen to his demo tape…just maybe also check out the photo…if, under any stretch of the imagination, you think he may resemble a doctor, lawyer, judge, politician or business executive, he would be pleased beyond your wildest imaginings because he has done some on- camera work from time to time and cleans up well!

However, he does have one great voice…trust me…and his mother always agreed!

If you are interested, Bob can be reached at (310) 541-4614