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Welcome new PVARC members for 2014:

  Richard Carl KF6ZRF  
  Don Beaumont KE6PMN  
  Cindy Sattler KK6EOZ  
  Raphael Yoon KJ6ZYD  
  Dave Held WA6PHS  
  Joel Pastor WJ1P  
  Teri Pastor W6BMD  
  Thomas Bacalja  
  Eric Olson KK6JPV  
  James Maxwell W6JBN  
  Carl Barnes AI6BA 
Carl took the Technician, General, and Extra exams all in one sitting and AI6BA is now a sequentially-issued call sign for Extra class licenses.  Congratulations Carl!
  Allen Binder KK6MNU  
  Henry Bremer KK6MNO  
  Scott Hartnett KK6MNM  
  James Liao KK6MNT  
  Ricardo Quinones KK6MNQ  
  Shawn Sorbom KK6MNN  
  Kelvin Vanderlip, Jr. KK6MNS  
  Ron Wagner AC6RW  
  Pat Brewster, KK6KCL  
  Luis Carranza, KK6PIN  
  Joseph Enfield, KK6PIO  
  Chris Siouris,  KK6PRU  

Weekly Net Join us each Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM for our weekly VHF Club net on the K6PV repeater on 447.120 (-) PL 100.0.

Note:  The Tuesday evening net is cross-banded onto 144.910 MHz, Tone Squelch, PL 156.7 for those on the Peninsula's west side from Pt. Vicente north to Malaga Cove.
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CalendarCalendar for 2014

  PVARC Master Calendar
Dec 10 PVARC 2014 Holiday Dinner
Ports O’Call Restaurant, San Pedro
More info:
Feb 21, 28 2015 Technician and General classes.
Contact Walt Ordway K1DFO for details.
April 19 Ham Radio Cruise.
Contact Walt Ordway K1DFO for details.
Sept 11-13 Hamcon 2015  Torrance, CA.

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