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Project Background

Planning Commission and City Council:

On November 10, 2009, the Planning Commission conducted a public hearing to consider subdivision and development of a vacant parcel on Nantasket Drive, within the City’s Coastal Zone.  At that meeting, the Planning Commission forwarded a recommendation that the City Council certify the Mitigated Negative Declaration and approve the proposed development project.

On February 2, 2010, the City Council conducted a public hearing, and after discussing the merits of the project, the Council adopted Resolution No. 2010-08, certifying the Mitigated Negative Declaration; and, adopted Resolution No. 2010-09, approving a General Plan Amendment, Coastal Specific Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Vesting Parcel Map, Variance, Grading Permit, Height Variations, and Coastal Permit, thereby facilitating development of four single-family residences on the vacant Nantasket Drive parcel (located between Seacove and Beachview Drives).  However, the approvals are contingent on the California Coastal Commission approving a change in the City’s Coastal Specific Plan Land Use designation to a Residential use. 

On March 16, 2010, the subject property owner, Dana Ireland, appeared before the City
Council and raised concerns with one of the conditions of approval (specifically, condition no. 45) for the project. Mr. Ireland stated that when this project was before Council there were discussions regarding a ten percent reduction in the project, which he had interpreted to mean a ten percent reduction in the overall total square footage of the project, while the minutes reflected a ten percent reduction of each home size. As a result, Mr. Ireland requested clarification regarding the intent of the condition of approval. After discussing this matter, the Council directed staff to return with an Interpretation Hearing to clarify this specific condition of approval, and clarified that the Interpretation Hearing was being requested by the City Council.

On May 4, 2010, the City Council conducted an Interpretation hearing to discuss the condition of approval.  At that meeting, the Council clarified that the intent of Condition of Approval No. 45 was to require a 10 percent average reduction in the square footage among the four homes allowing the developer some design flexibility.  Thus, Resolution No. 2010-09 was updated to reflect the Council’s May 4th clarification.

California Coastal Commission:

As specified above, the approvals are contingent upon the California Coastal Commission approving a change in the City’s Coastal Specific Plan Land Use designation to a Residential use.  As such, on March 17, 2010, City Staff submitted to Coastal Commission Staff a LCP (Local Coastal Plan) Amendment to change the Coastal Specific Plan Land Use designation from Agriculture to Residential, and the zoning from Commercial Limited (CL) to Single-Family Residential (RS-3).  After working with Coastal Commission Staff, the application was deemed complete in May. 

The proposed LCP Amendment was agendized for consideration by the California Coastal Commission at their August 13, 2010 meeting in San Luis Obispo.  On August 13th, the Coastal Commission approved the proposed LCP Amendment with modifications to the policies and language in the City’s certified Coastal Specific Plan.  Since the Coastal Commission’s approval contained modifications to what was approved by the City Council, the item was brought back to the City Council at a public hearing on September 21, 2010, at which time the City Council approved the modifications and adopted Resolution No. 2010-87.

A Notice of Final Decision was issued to the Coastal Commission and to all interested parties.  Since no appeals were filed with the Coastal Commission, approval of the project entitlements became effective on December 11, 2010.

Property Description

The subject property is at 32639 Nantasket Drive (APN 7573-014-013), located within the City’s Coastal Zone, and is subject to the City’s Coastal Specific Plan.  The property is a 1.42-acre parcel located on the west side of Nantasket Drive between Beachview and Sea Cove Drives.  The subject property is vacant, consisting of grass and other non-native vegetation.  The parcel is rectangular in shape and generally measures 93’ deep by 675’ wide.  The lot slopes down from Nantasket Drive and also slopes with the street of access (i.e., Nantasket Drive); thus, from north to south (i.e., from Beachview to Sea Cove) the property slopes down, dropping over 40-feet in elevation.
Project Description

The approval granted by the City Council on February 2, 2010, was for an Environmental Assessment, General Plan Amendment, Coastal Specific Plan amendment, Zone Change, Vesting Parcel Map, Variance, Grading Permit Height Variation, and Coastal Permit to allow the following on the subject property: 

a)   A General Plan Amendment, changing the General Plan Land Use designation of the subject parcel from Commercial Recreational to Single Family Residential, two-to-four dwelling units per acre;

b)   A Zone Change, changing the Zoning designation of the subject parcel from CR to RS-3;

c)   A Coastal Specific Plan Amendment, changing the Coastal Specific Plan Land Use designation of the subject parcel from commercial recreation to single-family residential;

d)   A Subdivision of the existing 1.41-acre parcel into four (4) residential lots with a minimum lot size of 14,000 square feet each;

e)   A Variance application to allow the four lots to have a proposed lot depth of 93', which is less than the 110' lot depth requirement;

f)    Approximately 4,028 cubic yards of grading on all 4 lots to accommodate the construction of a single-family residence on each lot, which includes 1,957 cubic yards of cut and 2,071 cubic yards of fill;

g)   Height Variation Permits for the single-family residential structures on Lots 3 and 4 (the 2 lots closest to Sea Cove Drive), to exceed the 16' building height requirement; and,

h)   A Coastal Permit for the aforementioned development project on vacant property located within the City’s Coastal Zone.

Additional Information

For further information about the Nantasket Residential project, please contact Senior Planning Eduardo Schonborn with the City of Rancho Palos Verdes at 310-544-5228 or via email at eduardos@rpv.com.  For additional information regarding the Coastal Commission’s procedures, please contact Coastal Program Analyst John Del Arroz at (562) 590-5071, or via email at jdelarroz@coastal.ca.gov.

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