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Forrestal Project List 2007
Some of the projects below will need further approvals and permits, to be determined on a case by case basis.

- Project 4A – Mariposa Riparian Crossing

The stream crossing has eroded significantly and is difficult for trail users to traverse. The project has two possible solutions:

A. Installation of a bridge over the blue-line stream.
B. A ford created further upstream where the trail now crosses.

- Project 5-Crystal Trail

The current trail alignment follows the concrete swales above Forrestal Drive. The swales have been severely undermined and been deemed unsafe by the City’s Public Works department. As a result, the current trail is closed and a new alignment must be constructed to avoid the hazards.

- Project 6-Packsaddle Trail

Due to overgrown vegetation and its location on the same ridge that accommodates the Flying Mane Trail, the current width of the Packsaddle Trail does not accommodate its designation as pedestrian/equestrian. The project will require vegetation clipping and erosion control measures (drainage dips, water bars). It was included in the approved Mitigated Negative Declaration.

- Project 10-Intrepid Trail

Currently there is no trail along Intrepid Drive, only the paved road surface. Since the road sometimes accommodates heavy traffic, it would be desirable that the trail be moved off of the street. The proposed trail on the north side of Intrepid was approved by City Council and was included in the Mitigated Negative Declaration, but was not implemented. The proposal would be to consider other options for pedestrian traffic through the area.

- Project 11A- Dauntless Trail

This trail serves as a major connecting point between the Forrestal Preserve and the future Portuguese Bend Preserve. Its condition is unsatisfactory to serve in the capacity of a multi-use trail because it was created by users along a ridge leading from Fossil Hill to Klondike Canyon and it is the route that water runoff follows in reaching Klondike Canyon. Both of these factors have weakened the trail and have caused severe erosion down the slope. Multiple trail braids have been formed over the years. A single route with switchbacks will be created and the existing trails will be revegetated.

- Project 12- Canyon View Trail Re-route

The current Canyon View Trail dead-ends and has become overgrown with vegetation. A small, very steep off- shoot trail has been created by users that leads down to the proposed re-route. The re-route would prevent further erosion of the steep off- shoot trail and would allow users to by-pass the dead end trail and continue the original intended purpose of this trail as a loop trail.

- Project 13- Exotic Plant Removal

Several species of exotic plants have become invasive in the preserve. These include, but are not limited to fennel, Foeniculum vulgare; ice plant, Carpobrotus edulis, and garland daisy, Chrysanthemum coronarium. Removal of these large patches of invasive plants will allow for the establishment of native CSS species to grow in the areas now being occupied by exotics.

- Project 14- Klondike Canyon Crossing

The current Klondike Canyon crossing provides the only access between the Forrestal Ecological Reserve and The Canyons Ecological Reserve. It is extremely narrow with a steep, eroded drop-off to the south and a smaller drop-off to the north that has been overgrown by vegetation. A corrugated pipe runs directly under the crossing so that water can pass through it. This crossing needs to be made safer by widening the passage to prevent future erosion on the south side of the crossing.

- Project 15- Riparian Restoration in Klondike Canyon

Several species of exotic plants have become extremely invasive in Klondike Canyon, almost to the exclusion of native habitat along the canyon floor. These include, but are not limited to fennel, Foeniculum vulgae; washington palm, Washingtonia robusta; Pampas grass, Pennisetum clandestinum; Castor Bean, Ricinus communis; and kikuyu grass, Cortaderia selloana. These exotics will be eradicated and riparian vegetation replanted in the canyon.

- Project 16-Trail Improvement near A12 and L12 Intersection

This existing trail could be improved to route traffic off the dirt road and provide a more natural experience for hikers.

- Project 17- Chain Link Fence Removal

A rusting and unsightly chain link fence runs the length of the Mariposa and Flying Mane Trails, and in parts of Fossil Hill. It serves no purpose and blocks views. Removal of the fence would beautify the preserve and allow for undisturbed views from the highest portion of the preserve.

- Project 18- Vista Points

The City Council approved seven Vista Points within the Forrestal ER. Three have already been constructed, and four remain to be built at locations around the property. These vista points will provide users with attractive areas to sit and enjoy views. Many of the sites are already being used and native vegetation is being trampled. By providing users with clearly defined seating areas this problem will be reduced and possibly eliminated. Some of the vista points may have more formalized seating at recognition sites as approved by City Council.

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