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Solid Waste and Recycling
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.        Who is my trash hauler?
A.        EDCO services 95% of the City.  Call them at 310-540-2977. Universal Waste Systems (UWS) services 5% of the City.  UWS services primarily the Palos Verdes Drive South (PVDS) area and Portuguese Bend Landslide areas of the City.  Call them at 800-631-7016.  The map below shows EDCO and UWS’s service areas.  You may also check the Public Works website or call PW Department at (310) 544-5252 for more information.
                        Click here for Map of City with EDCO & UWS Collection Days

Q.        When is my trash and recycling day?
A.        The City has once a week collection.  The City is divided into different areas.  Each area has once a week trash, recycling and green waste collection. All items are collected on the same day, but by three separate trucks.  Place trash in the gray, recycling in the blue, and yard waste in the green carts.  See Collection Days map above
Q.        How many containers do I receive?  Can I order more?
A.        You will receive one gray cart for trash, one blue cart for recycling and one green cart for yard waste.  Carts are available in three sizes: small (35 gallon), medium (64 gallon) and large (96 gallon).  You may choose the size of your carts.   Additional carts are available upon request.  There is an additional cost for extra trash carts.  However, recycling carts are provided free of charge. All material must be inside the automated carts.  Material left on the street in bags or boxes will not be collected.  Remember each material is collected separately and by different trucks.  Please do not commingle trash with your recycling or green waste.  This will contaminate the entire load, and then they can not be recycled.

Q.        How much is my monthly rate?  Are there any discounts?
A.        Your monthly rate is based on the size of your trash cart.  The size and quantity of the recycling cart(s) will not affect your rate.  There is a 5% annual pre-payment discount and a 10% discount for senior citizens 65 and older.   
                                    Click here for EDCO’s Monthly Single-Family Rates
                                    Click here for EDCO’s Monthly Multi-Family Rates
                                    Click here UWS’s Monthly Rates
                                    Click here for the Senior Citizen Discount Form  

Q.       What items go in the blue recycling carts?

A.        Plastic containers #1 through #7, plus newspapers, white and colored papers, magazines, coupons, junk mail, cardboard, shoe and gift boxes, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles and jars. Please, no broken glass, ceramics, toys, or Styrofoam.

Q.       How do I get more recycling carts?  What about extra trash carts?

A.       Call your hauler for additional containers. Each customer receives free blue recycling carts and up to three free green waste carts. Additional green carts (in excess of three) are at a nominal monthly fee.  There is a fee for additional trash carts.  Your monthly rate is based on the size and the number of your trash cart(s) and not your recycling carts.

Q.       I have a large property and generate a lot of yard waste.  How can I recycle my green waste?

A.       Place your yard waste in the green colored cart(s) for yard waste recycling.  They are collected by a designated truck and later taken to a green waste processing/recycling facility.  You may get up to three green carts free of charge. Tied bundles are also acceptable.  Additionally, the City offers two Citywide bulk/excess green waste collection days.  One will be held in mid Fall and the other in mid Spring of each year. The dates to be determined. Please do not place yard waste in plastic bags.  They will not be collected because plastic bags are not accepted at the green waste processing facility.   

Q.       What happens to my recycling items?

A.       Commingled recyclables are taken to a recycling processing center, sorted, and sold as scrap to different companies.  The green waste is taken to a green waste processing center and is turned into mulch and/or is used as alternative daily cover.  The City gets diversion credit for recycling the green waste.

Q.        Why should I recycle? Is it mandatory to recycle?

A.        RPV does not have a mandatory recycling ordinance. However, there are several good reasons why you are strongly encouraged to recycle:
1) Each City in California is mandated to reduce its solid waste by 50% by the year 2000. Any city that does not reach this goal may be fined up to $10,000 a day.
2) Recycling, re-using, and reducing waste helps protect the environment and reduces the need to landfill.  This is good for the environment, your City, and California; in addition it saves you money.
3) The City has various programs funded by recycling rebate funds.  Homeowner associations (HOAs) may apply for the annual beautification grants (up to $3,000 per HOA) and residents can participate in the Recycler of the Month Drawings (four lucky winners a month receive $250 each from the City).

Q.       What is a Pup Service, and who is on that route? 

A.       The City has some hard to reach, narrow or steep streets.  A regular sized trash truck can not service those areas properly   A smaller (Pup) truck services those areas.  Approximately 5% of the City homes are serviced by the Pup truck.  These streets are mostly off of PVDE. 

Q.        How do I get rid of my old paint? Can I throw it in with my trash?

A.        Paint (water and oil based), herbicides, pesticides and batteries, fluorescent lights, medical sharps, etc are all considered household hazardous waste and should not be disposed off in the trash.  You have various disposal options:
1) Take it to the free Gaffey SAFE center. It is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. It is located at 1400 N. Gaffey Street, by the railroad tracks, across the street from DMV, and one block from the new Target store on Capital Drive.  
2) Take it to the nearest household hazardous waste round up. Roundups are free and are held on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in different cities each week. Call 1-888-CLEANLA for further information.
3) The City of RPV hosts an annual roundup in April/May of each year at its City Hall/City Yard location, 30940 Hawthorne Blvd. The roundup is open to all LA County residents.  The next round up in RPV will be in Fall 2011.  

Q.       I’m remodeling my house. I need a large dumpster. What company can I use and do I need a permit?

A.       The City has several authorized commercial haulers.  Below is a list of the City’s authorized commercial haulers who can provide various sized dumpsters and roll-off boxes for your remodeling/construction work.

You will need an encroachment permit from the Public Works Department if the rolloff is placed on the street or the public right of way.  The permit is approximately $98 (this amount changes annually).  Either the property owner or contractor may apply for the permit. However, if the rolloff or bin is placed on private property (driveway, yard) no permit is needed.
Click here for the List of RPV’s Authorized Commercial Haulers

Q.       I have an old water heater and stove.  How do I get rid of them?

A.       Any item that is in working condition or in good shape may be picked up by charities such as Goodwill (562-435-7741), Salvation Army (800-958-7825), United Cancer Research Society (800-443-4224), and St. Vincent de Paul (800-974-3571), to name a few.  If you donate, you may obtain a tax-deductible receipt.  Your trash hauler also provides up to four free bulky collections (sofa, desk, bed, mattress, and dishwasher, etc.) per year, and each time up to four items is acceptable. You must call first.  Call your trash hauler and arrange for a free pickup. Then leave items at the curb for pickup for that designated date.  

Q.       I have an old TV and computer.  How do I get rid of them?

A.       Any item that is in working condition or in good shape may be picked up by charities such as Goodwill (562-435-7741), Salvation Army (800-958-7825), United Cancer Research Society (800-443-4224), and St. Vincent de Paul (800-974-3571), to name a few.  If you donate, you may receive a receipt for tax purposes. Your trash hauler also provides up to four free bulky/electronics waste pickups (TV, computer, printer, fax machine, cellular phone, etc) per year, and each time up to four items is acceptable.  You must call first.  Call your trash hauler and arrange for a free pickup. Then leave items at the curb for pickup.

Q.       I like to try to compost my kitchen scarp and yard waste. Do you have any programs?

A.       The City of RPV typically hosts one County sponsored composting workshop a year.  Other regular workshops are held at the South Coast Botanical Garden on Crenshaw Boulevard in the neighboring City of Rolling Hills Estates.    You may also visit the County’s smart gardening website for workshop dates and useful information at:

The City has a rebate program for the purchase of compost or worm bins. Click here for the link to the City’s composting program

Q.       How do I get a senior citizen discount? 

A.       Seniors 65 and older are eligible for a 10% discount on their monthly rate.  An application form and backup documentation is required.  Completed forms can be mailed or faxed to your hauler.  Alternatively bring your documents in person to RPV Public Works for over-the-counter application and verification.

Click here for the Senior Discount Form