The City of Rancho Palos Verdes Water Quality & Flood Protection Program The City of Rancho Palos Verdes Water Quality & Flood Protection Program


In 2005, property owners approved the Storm Drain User Fee, which provides funding for the City’s storm drain improvement and maintenance program.  Property owners pay the user fee for parcels that use the City’s storm drain system.  In 2006, the fee was based on $86 per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU); increasing by the Consumer Price Index each year (maximum of 2% per year).  Click here for a detailed explanation of how your storm drain user fee is calculated.  The current storm drain user fee rate for FY10-11 is $90.72/ERU.

On November 6, 2007, the voters approved Measure C, an amendment to the User Fee ordinance to include a voter enacted Oversight Committee and a 10-year sunset of the storm drain user fee.  When the User Fee rate was established by the property owners in 2005, the total User Fees to be collected over 30 years was estimated to be about $50 million to pay for known construction projects, storm drain lining, maintenance, staffing and engineering.

Based upon the 10-year sunset established with the passage of Measure C, the maximum total User Fees that could be collected is estimated to be about $13 million. It appears as though it will be necessary to secure other funding sources to continue the Storm Drain program when the User Fee expires on June 30, 2016.

Click here to view the Preliminary Storm Drain User Fee Roll for the Water Quality Flood Protection Program.
Click here to view the Annual Report For the Water Quality and Flood Protection Program Storm Drain User Fee.
Click here to view the Oversight Committee’s Annual Report to the City Council dated June 27, 2012
Click here to view the July 6, 2010 staff report to the City Council for the Water Quality and Flood Protection Program- Annual User Fee Rate- FY10-11.
Click here to view the City’s Five Year Capital Improvement Plan which includes a section on Storm Drain Systems.
Click here to view a schedule of storm drain costs through FY16-17.

Palos Verdes Drive East (PVDE)/ Palos Verdes Drive South (PVDS) Roadway Stabilization Project

PVDE and PVDS, are critical transportation routes within Rancho Palos Verdes.  Due to a sensitive location near unstable San Ramon Canyon, there is a recognizable possibility of a catastrophic roadway failure with the potential to take lives, destroy homes, cut off transportation, and limit access to crucial facilities.  The PVDE/PVDS Roadway Stabilization Project involves planning, engineering, environmental clearance and mitigation, right-of-way acquisition, and construction of significant drainage restoration work to stabilize Palos Verdes Drive East and Palos Verdes Drive South. 

The City allocated $1.2 million for the completion of a Project Study Report (PSR) for the Palos Verdes Drive East (PVDE)/Palos Verdes Drive South (PVDS) Roadway Stabilization Project (also known as Lower San Ramon Canyon / 25th Street Stabilization Project).  The PSR will identify the preliminary design options and environmental requirements for each design alternative.  This phase of the project should be complete within 12 months.  This contract was awarded to Harris and Associates in March 2010.

Upon completion of the PSR, the City will have an understanding of distinct project alternatives and their environmental and economic impacts if implemented.  Upon selection of an alternative, preliminary engineering design will begin.  The project has been initially estimated to cost $19.5 million, and has been included in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan on the Unfunded Projects List. The City has taken a collaborative approach with the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County to request federal funds for the PVDE/PVDS Roadway Stabilization Project.  All three government agencies signed a letter of cooperation pledging their collective commitment to work together to insure that these vital transportation routes remain safe and viable.  The letter was signed by RPV Mayor Steve Wolowicz, L.A. Councilwoman Janice Hahn and L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe and submitted to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in December 2009.  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher visited the project site in August 2009, and immediately recognized the threat, and therefore, has included the project in his High Priority Project portfolio for the reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU (a federal transportation bill in which projects are authorized and funded) this year

Click here to view the PVDE/PVDS Roadway Stabilization Project Fact Sheet

City’s McCarrell Canyon Project is Awarded 2009 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association

The City’s McCarrell Canyon Storm Drain Project was recently awarded the 2009 Project of the Year in the Facilities Category by the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).  McCarrell Canyon was one of only two projects in Southern California selected for this prestigious honor in the Facilities Category. 

The McCarrell Canyon project was established as one the highest priority Tactical Planning goals established by the City Council and supported by the City’s Oversight Committee for the Water Quality and Flood Protection program.  The total cost of the McCarrell Canyon project was $7.45 million paid for with General Fund reserves and storm drain fees collected from property owners.  The Water Quality and Flood protection program is managed by the City’s Public works department.

The project design engineers, Harris & Associates, prepared a presentation highlighting the receipt of the award for McCarrell Canyon and showcasing the finished project.  Click here to view the presentation.

User Fee Assistance Program

To be eligible for the Storm Drain User Fee Assistance Program, all property owners of record must have a combined gross income under $35,000 for the tax year. To substantiate eligibility for FY09-10, all property owners of record are required to copy and submit the pages of their Federal Tax Return(s) that detail their contact information, adjusted gross income and signature (typically pages 1 and 2) along with a completed application form before December 31, 2011.

Click here for an application.

User Fee Appeals

If a property owner disagrees with the calculation of his or her Storm Drain User Fee, based on the parcel size and/or estimated impervious percentage, the property owner may appeal the City’s calculation. Staff will accept appeal applications on a continual basis. Fee adjustments resulting from appeal applications received through June 30, 2010 will be reflected on FY2010-11 property tax bills. 

The Storm Drain User Fee for all commercial, institutional, multi-family, government-owned, condominium, and single-family parcels three quarters (.75) of an acre or larger have been determined based upon an actual calculation of the impervious percentage using the City’s Geographic Information System.  Click here for a Storm Drain User Fee Appeal Application.


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